Participate is a non-profit event, you can get involved in many ways. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to help us!


If you would like to help out, either before or during the conference, there are several things you can do.

  • Publicize the event. Tell your local computer group about the event.
  • Mention PGDay on your website. Create a link!
  • We need people to run various parts of the conferences. Very low workload, very high satisfaction.

Please Contact us if you're interested!


The advertising partnership campaign for PGDay 2009 has just started. There are several opportunities for you to join the advertising Partnership Campaign. It is also possible to directly sponsor a speaker for the conference.


The deadline is over. We are now scoring the various proposals.

Donations for the organisation of PGDay 2009 are officially collected by PostgreSQL Europe, a non profit organization that promotes PostgreSQL and the free software culture throughout Europe.

Your donations are vital, as they allow us to invite the best speakers in the world to PGDay 2009 in France and to keep the event fees as low as possible.

Any profits from the conference will be reinvested to others activities of PostgreSQL Europe, such as helping local users groups.