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Friday 6th

  English French
8:30 - 9:30 Registration
9:30 - 10:30 Welcome/Keynote
Simon Riggs
PostgreSQL: The Next 20 Years
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee
11:00 - 11:50 Mark Cave-Ayland
PostGIS 1.4 and beyond: a technical perspective
Vincent Moreau
Retour d'expérience migration Oracle vers PostgreSQL
12:00 - 12:50 Gabriele Bartolini
Data warehousing with PostgreSQL
Dimitri Fontaine
Retour d'expérience : PostgreSQL et Skytools chez Hi-Media
12:50 - 13:50 Lunch
13:50 - 14:40 Gavin M. Roy
Scaling PostgreSQL Under Fire
Jean-Paul Argudo
Systèmes de réplication pour PostgreSQL
14:40 - 15:10 Tea
15:10 - 16:00 Magnus Hagander
Performance Enhancements In PostgreSQL 8.4
Olivier Courtin - Vincent Picavet
PostGIS, un module de PostgreSQL pour les données spatiales
16:10 - 17:00 Robert Hodges & Simon Riggs
The Future of PostgreSQL HA
Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
phpPgAdmin : présentation, développements et futur du projet

Saturday 7th

  English (DBA/General) English (Developer)French
9:00 - 9:50 Jan Bjurström
Spatial databases for national maps in Armenia
Heikki Linnakangas
Welcome to WAL
Guillaume Lelarge
MVCC et PostgreSQL
10:00 - 10:50 Junichi Tado, Hiroshi Saito, Toshiyuki Ishikawa & Kaori Inaba
Japan PostgreSQL Users Group
David Fetter - Marko Tiikkaja
Writeable CTEs: The Next Big Thing
Marc Cousin - Eric Bollengier
Bacula et PostgreSQL, optimisation et retour d'expérience
10:50 - 11:20 Coffee
11:20 - 12:10 Jim Mlodgenski
Monitoring your PostgreSQL databases with Hyperic
Jonathan S. Katz
ORMs: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Building a PostgreSQL-specific ORM
Stéphane Giron - Gilles Rayrat
Clustering : la nouvelle donne -- Clusters maitre/esclave pour PostgreSQL par Continuent
12:10 - 13:10 Lunch
13:10 - 14:00 Greg Stark
Explaining EXPLAIN
Oliver Kohll
Introducing portalBase - agile database development with PostgreSQL
Gaël Le Mignot
Étude de cas : indexation d'une base documentaire pour le quotidien Libération
14:10 - 15:00 Joshua Drake
PITR made easy
Dimitri Fontaine
pg_staging or how to manage your staging environments
Fabien Coelho
pg_comparator: comparaison de tables à distance
15:00 - 15:30 Tea
15:30 - 16:20 Lightning talks
16:30 - 17:00 Closing

We reserve the right to amend the schedule in the event that a speaker is unable to attend or due to other unforeseen circumstances. In that event that a speaker cancels his talk, we will endeavour to schedule a talk on a similar topic, however this cannot be guaranteed